The Grubby One Camping Chuck Box

Grubby One grub box setup images

The Grubby One is our oldest and most popular chuck box design.

First designed in 1988, this baby has undergone many changes to enhance it's functionality and improve your camping experiences. This chuck box is a great option for those weekend, 'family of four' type camping trips.

Light weight camp kitchen storage.

This is a 'full figured' chuck box in terms of what it can store yet offers a very light weight profile. When in the stored state the wash tubs and dish drainer act as drawers to store your place settings, silverware, utensils, pots and pans and other supplies. It can hold a lot!

Sets up quickly to a self contained camping kitchen.

When setup, the box has racks on both ends. Usually one end is configured for personal needs providing storage for lotions, toothpaste, shaving and grooming gear and other personal items. It also even has a five hole toothbrush holder!

The other end has cup hooks for  utensils and a rack for spices allowing for quick, fingertip access to needed devices. This is an essential requirement for cooking anywhere but especially in remote outdoor situations. Some folks use their Grubby One to even just simplify their tailgating needs.

Options add more functionality to this tent camper kitchen.

This camp kitchen ships with two drawers for storing all the loose kitchen paraphernalia like can opener, peeler, knives etc.. It will hold four drawers so up to two additional drawers can be added as options. There are two extension shelf options that can be added as well. And a designer version comes with laminate but you also have the option of added it on an unfinished box.

All this means you can head out on a moments notice, knowing full well, everything you need for your camping kitchen is in your Grubby One grub box.

And equally important, your camp cook will have what is needed when it's needed. ( No more looking for the spatula when the eggs need to flipped right now.)

Get a kit, unfinished, finished or designer version.

Read about the differences between the different versions here:

Kit - Designer???

Pricing: ( prices include $71.28
in shipping!)

Kit ---------- $292.94 -  
Unfinished - $406.13 - 
Finished ---- $561.65 - 
Designer --- $678.29 - 

(All prices shown are the cart total at checkout - nothing else is added! ( Also, we DO NOT ship Boxes out of the continental U.S. as shipping and tariffs can easily exceed the cost of the box.)

Extension shelves & options




Watch our demonstration video.

Grubby One camping chuckbox video

See all Grubby One chuck box videos .


New Stand Design

Version C Grubby One chuck box demonstration video image


New chuck box stand design

New design allows stove to store with box.

There have been two important improvements made to the Grubby One stand:

Here is what that adds to the functionality:

Personally, I have always thought storing a stove in the box is a bad idea as it adds weight and takes up valuable storage space. After all, stoves already tend to be pretty well designed and contained for portability. Also, stoves can get pretty greasy and grimy and thus one wouldn't want that inside the box where food might also be present. However, over the years, many customers have flat insisted on the ability to store their stove in the box. Of course, the big advantage being when you have grabbed your chuck box you'll also have your stove.

What this new stand design represents is really a compromise solution. It allows the stove to store together with the grub box but not actually inside. So now you can 'have your cake and eat it too,' so to speak. The stand and box can be used to store a standard stove or not, if you chose, to separate the stove weight from your chuckbox.

NOTE: This image demonstrates these changes but other Grubby One images and videos have not been updated thus they may still reflect the old design where the dowel rods slide in lengthwise. All Grubby Ones ship like this now.

This stand can also be used with a Mini-Grub camping vacation Chuck Box.

And here is a customer video review:

Grubby One customer review video JPG.


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