The Grubby Two Patrol Box

Grubby Two patrol box storage and setup details

A patrol box setup designed for group camping.

The Grubby Two makes a nice option for a scoutmaster patrol box, chili cook-off king or group camping organizer. Once setup it has one continuous work surface that is over 6' long by 16" wide at standard counter height. And all the contents, drawers and shelves are equally accessible from either side making it quite functional for the camp cook and helpers. There are also racks and cup hooks  at the ends of the boxes available for spices,  food preparation items, utensils and personal effects.

Two grub box design offers versatile camp kitchen storage .

Notice the 'tub half' of this setup is configured so your wash tubs and drainer act as drawers to store those large items like place settings and cookware. The 'drawer half' manages those smaller items like silverware and utensils with some additional room for your coffee press and such. These very light weight boxes and connecting leaf setup in a heart beat to yield stable work surfaces and utility features.

All this makes it easy to go knowing you'll have everything you need for food prep and cleanup. It makes an awesome patrol box.

This chuck box gives you light weight, easy transport and quick setup.

The carrying, loading and unloading chores are easier because the camp kitchen weight gets split between the two boxes. And the connecting leaf is really a separate device that can also be placed at one of three different heights in the setup state.  ( Some folks like leaf placement that puts the cook stove top lower. )

Grubby One and Grubby Two products are interconnectable.

Grubby Two Patrol box setupBy design, the Grubby One and Two products setup to exactly the same height which means you can hook one half of a Grubby Two to a Grubby One by just using a Grubby Two extension leaf. (Some scouting types get two Grubby Ones and connect them together with and extension shelf.) This works great if you and your camping buddy both have a Grubby One as well. In the plans book this Grubby Two box is really considered part of the Grubby One Family.

A great 'group camping' option.

So the Grubby Two offers exceptional functionality especially for use as a patrol box but also any place you need more than just a little counter space. And splitting the weight between two boxes really simplifies the loading and unloading tasks. Group camping can be pretty challenging don't we know it! 

Important Note: This product is only available as plans at the moment. This should change shortly, so keep checking back or give me a call for more updated information.

Plans for the Grubby Two (and all others) included in the Blue Sky Kitchen Plans book!

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"What a great set up! .... The design just blows me away, really can't be appreciated by watching the video. Love all the built in practicality." - Haden from South Carolina

The Grubby Two is the picture of chuck box evolution.
See this demonstration video.

Grubby Two Camp Kitchen demo JPG


A video from the one of my customers - Coleman Outdoors. Thanks guys!!!!

Grubbby Two Camp Kitchen Review Video

Get one and go camping more often this year!

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