The Camp Kitchen for the Primitive Camper

Camp Kitchen Mates details

The Camp Kitchen Mates offer a serious camp kitchen.

It's amazing how much stuff is required for any kind of car tent camping but when you and your crew venture way out for longer periods of time, it takes even more. This camp kitchen arrangement provides for the storage and transport of a wide variety of cooking and kitchen devices and sets up to give you those all important work surfaces with utility features like cup hooks and racks. This is the setup for when you have a lot of cooking and cleaning gear and can't afford to forget any of it. 

Combines Two Box Storage and Gives Counter Space

This design employs principles learned from the Grubby One, the Work-Top Box and the Piggy Back Extension Shelves. The top box is actually just a Grubby One without the stand. The bottom box is a modified Work-Top Box that employs a special shelf to form additional counter space in the setup state and act as an adjustable shelf for your cook stove storage in the stored state.

Here the bottom box gives you that generic item storage ability for those odd sized and heavy items like griddles, cast iron pans and Dutch ovens. But the top box also gives you drawers shelves and racks for your standard kitchen devices. Then once setup, you have almost four feet of counter height top. And as always there are cup hooks for utensils, dowels for rolls and racks for spices and personal items. 

Camp cooks appreciate these features:

What determines how much camp kitchen gear you need?

There are at least three factors that greatly influence what one needs in the way of provisions and gear.

camp kitchen set upFirst consider how many campers you will have. Obviously, more means 'more' of many things including place settings and such but possibly even 'bigger' pots and pans, for example. ( I always take my big camp chef stove too when I know there will be a lot of hunger mouths to feed. )

Second, how long will you be out. Of course, this will demand more in the way of provisions but not just for food and water. You also have to make sure the various supplies of spices, matches, sunscreen and the like are adequate for the duration of your stay. Our chuck box inventory quantities for such items are usually on the smaller side ( so we don't have to lug around more than we need ). Make sure you top off your containers like cooking oil and dish soap, for example.

Third, how remote are you should also influence your planning. Very remote camping means you are on your own which has special significance especially if something goes wrong. Thus one should have the means of extending a stay should the vehicle break down of the weather create a situation you can't negotiate, like flooding.

All this might mean, there is probably more to this whole tent camping thing then you may have originally thought. That's why we make a number of different chuck boxes and the camp kitchen mates is the primitive camping king. It gives you a lot of storage for long stays with a lot of people.

Your camp kitchen will enjoy three benefits:

Important Note: This box version is currently only available as plans. However it should SOON be available as kit and unfinished. Keep checking back or give me a call for updates.

Plans included in the Blue Sky Kitchen Plans book!

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