Grubby One setup demonstration video.


This is an old video but still serves to show how the Grubby One chuck box goes from a stored state to a set up camp kitchen in seconds. (Setup and tear down times are, in reality, critical concerns for the serious tent camper.)

Here you can see how this grub box pretty well stands alone and weighing in at 25 pounds (empty) is also strong enough to hold my weight as the video demonstrates.

Please note we only offer one stain option and one laminate type these days. ( See versions page. ) You can still get an unfinished box and stain and laminate to your taste. We have a bunch of customer service videos to help out with such efforts.


Optional Extension Leaf demonstration video


The easiest way I know to get more counter space for your outing or tailgating party is by adding a three foot extension shelf to your Grubby One order. Incidentally this shelf will work with either half of a Grubby Two as well. This is a really nice option for big group campouts.


The Piggy Back Shelves demonstration video


Alternately or even in addition to a three foot shelf, one could add a set of piggy back shelves. You just can't get too much table space when cooking outdoors!


Our Ropes and Rods demonstration video


Note: The 'rods' now slide in across the box width instead of inserting lengthwise as shown in the video.

They still 'lock' the box and stand together in the stored state but also now allow for a standard stove to store between them as shown on the Grubby One product page..

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