Currently Available Chuck Box Versions

This has been a brutal time for those of us that manufacture and deliver our own products. Materials and shipping went through the roof for a while so we stopped making boxes all together. (We just couldn't keep up with the price changes.)

While lumber and shipping are still  very high they have stabilized somewhat.  This has motivated me to review our products to see if there is anything we can do to start manufacturing again. As it turns out there are three things I have done to aid in this effort:

1- A box redesign that utilizes less expensive materials.

2 - Spend less tim making them. The best way to do that was to drop extension shelves. (You can still DYI  extension shelves from the plans and the customer service website, though.)

3 - I have redesigned the box to allow for a 'some assembly required' (SAR) option. This allows for the units to be shipped in a smaller box reducing shipping cost by about half.

This means we can now offer kit, unfinished and finished products again!!



All pieces cut to size with the difficult parts like drawers made for you. All drilling except a few pilot holes has also been done for you.
( Kits are not available for all products.)

Grubby One Kit instruction book.

Illustrated step by step instruction book included along with 'how to videos'.

Unfinshed and finished products are now Some Assembly Required - Boxes

All parts (top, bottom, sides etc.) are built and ready to assemble as per instructions. They assemble with glue and screws. 'How to videos' are available on the customer service website to aid in these efforts. (It's very easy to do.)

Chuck Box stain options.


Here is the video comparison of the different versions.

Chuck box Versions video JPG

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purchasing one of our chuckbox plans or camp kitchen books HERE.

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