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Highly evolved camp kitchen chuck boxes and patrol boxes.

Here's what a good chuck box does for you:


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Every camp kitchen needs a good chuck box (also known as a grub box or patrol box, in scouting circles.) It should both store the majority of your camping checklist and set up quickly to give you camping table space for cooking cleaning and food preparation. Take a moment to review our highly evolved, light weight, very easy to setup, portable outdoor camp kitchens. They will simplify and enhance your outdoor cooking, tailgating, picnicking, and tent camping efforts. Learn more about chuck boxes, grub boxes, patrol boxes or camping kitchen boxes in general at our camp kitchen resource center.

Your chuck box is the heart of your portable outdoor kitchen.

Here's what a grub box means to you:

Whatever you call it, chuckbox, grubbox, patrol box
or camp box, it's the key to easy camping.