Chuck Box Stain and Laminate Choices

stain options

Our finishes are designed for water protection purposes and although they look pretty good they are not by any means what would be considered "fine finishes". Those require multiple finish coats with light sanding in between coats. This could easily double the price of the box so, we don't do it. This seems reasonable as this is a chuck box and not a piece of fine furniture. It's going to get dents, scratches and bacon grease spilled on it . ( Well at least I hope that happens because that would mean you are using it for it's intended purpose : )

However, some may wish to achieve a fine finish, in which case, it is advised that they get an unfinished version ( would look much like the 'natural' shown here ) and finish it themselves.

These are our standard stain options. The finish coat is polyurethane. Personally I don't know why anyone would want anything other than the 'natural' stain as oak and redwood are both such pretty woods and 'natural' really brings out the grain patterns. But it's your choice not mine!

Here are our laminate options. You can mix and match with the stain options as you chose or even get laminate on an unfinished box. ( Not with kits though as you would have to put nails through it. ) Keep in mind that we only laminate the tops and shelves. ( Essentially where you would be performing food preparation operations. )

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