Camping Gifts for Men ( and family )
Christmas, Birthday or otherwise.

These camping gifts provide very unique, thoughtful and lasting value.

Really time would be the best gift you could give to anyone. While you can't exactly do that you can and regularly do give your time to someone else. Incidentally, this is the best way to end up with great children. If you spend time with them when they are young, they will spend time with you when you are old.

So, while we can't actually give time itself, we can improve the quality of time we do give. For my money you just can not beat the quality of time you get from your camping efforts. Thus, having a great camping kitchen is probably the easiest way to improve your families camping time. Also just building and finishing these things can offer a lifetime remembered 'father and son/daughter' type bonding experience.

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Here we are again, Christmas Time.


Our Plans Books make great gifts! Also, kits and 'some assembly required' products are back.

For camping woodworkers!

woodworking plans package

Chuck Box Books

Includes both our chuckbox builder books.

Printed - $44.90


Get it all!

Calendar example


Also includes woodworking gifts and our camping free pac .
Printed - $66.95


Kits and Unfinished are back!

The Grubby One Chuckbox

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