The Work-Top Box Camp Table

It stands alone

The Work-Top Box camp table setup options

This unit is designed to hold those big bulky and awkward size items and is available as just a basic box or with extension shelves. (You can actually get it with shelves on both ends!) It is also designed so a camp stove can be stored in a special adjustable compartment. It was originally designed to be used in compliment with either the Grubby One or Grubby Two but also stands well alone. Anytime you need compact generic storage and portable table space this is the box to have.


Basic Work-Top Box Pricing:


Extended Work-Top Box Pricing:

stain & laminate choices

( prices includes shipping! )

Setup demonstration video for the basic box ( just box no shelves ).


Setup demonstrations video for the extended box ( box and shelves ).

Get one and go camping more often this year!